Donna Lee Dumont

Raised in Northern Ontario and Northern Saskatchewan (Uranium City area), Donna Lee is a painter, educator and storyteller. Drawing and painting has been part of Donna Lee’s life since she was young. When she was 18, she had the good fortune to sit beside A. Y. Jackson and paint with him.

Donna Lee holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Education. She studied oriental brushwork with Professor Szeto Kei in Vancouver. She has held several art shows, delivered a Native Art Program for high school students, written and illustrated children’s books.

Donna Lee has always loved colour, shapes, textures and stories of the past. Her new paintings are a natural progression of this passion. She is intrigued by he spirituality of diverse cultures and expresses this realization through paint.

Working in various mediums, oils, watercolor, acrylic, alcohol inks and more recently, resin, Donna Lee’s paintings include elements of everything that she has read and seen.

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