Kevin Pee-ace

Artist Kevin L. Pee-ace was born in Kelvington, Saskatchewan and is a member of the Yellowquill First Nation and Peter Chapman First nation. His exposure to art happened at an early age. He recalled seeing the drawings and paintings created by his uncle, Jerry Whitehead, who would later become instrumental in helping to launch his career. Upon graduating from high school in 1991, Kevin went on to complete a Fine Arts Studio diploma program from UCFV – Abbottsford, British Columbia. During the mid-nineties, he explored various programs in Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Native Studies at Capilano College in North Vancouver.

Returning to Saskatchewan in 1995, Kevin enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan to continue his studies but quickly realized that the art was becoming more dominant thus committing to it full-time.

Art and education have been constants throughout Kevin’s career, this led to a collaborative approach in creating class murals with many schools throughout Saskatchewan. He currently resides in Saskatoon painting full-time. He is married and proud father to three children. He has two grandchildren; one grandson, Daniel, and one granddaughter, Raven.