Paige Mortensen

Creating has always been a part of Paige’s life. She tried many things: crocheting, tatting, cross stitch, sewing, leather craft, cake decorating, calligraphy, jewellery making, scrapbooking, paper making, folk art painting, watercolour, photography, cooking. The opportunity to focus on and truly express herself through art has come in recent years. Paige completed the University of Saskatchewan Certificate in Art and Design program where the instructors nurtured her inner creative self and I was encouraged to experiment with a wide range of media, techniques and styles.

While researching batik, a process of using wax as a resist while dying fabric, Paige came across a tutorial on watercolour batik by Kathie George from Ohio. From the interesting textures in the Ginwashi paper to the tactile nature of layering wax and watercolour, the watercolour batik process continues to fascinate Paige. It is like an intriguing mystery unfolding. Paige brings patience, compassion and understanding to the challenges of building layers of transparent colour and wax.

Whether the subject is architectural or something from nature it is a reflection of Paige. She usually works from her photographs but once working, the photo becomes less important and her choices come intuitively. The finished pieces have a quiet, intimate presence that fascinates viewers with their soft colours and rich textures.

Paige is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council, CARFAC, and The Artists’ Workshop Group.

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