Pat Katz

Pat started dipping her paintbrush in watercolors and taking classes to sharpen her skills in 2002. Since then, her sketchbook has become a constant companion. Art has become one of the great joys of her life. She considers herself to be an Appreciative Adventurer – searching for joy and beauty everywhere she goes. In art, as in life, she is drawn to express the up side, the sunny side, the inspiring message that life is good. Her paintings and the stories that surround them are intended to lift your spirits and brighten your days.

Pat has taken several watercolor classes from Canadian artist, Cecelia Jurgens, and traveled with her on three painting trips visiting the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. She continues to be inspired by the art and architecture of Europe. Pat also studied with other artists including: Charles Reid, Judi Whitton, John Lovett, Karlyn Holman, Brian Atyeo, Barry Coombs, Anne McElroy, and Alison Montgomery.

Pat holds a Masters degree in Continuing Education, and is an inductee of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. She currently resides in Saskatoon where she spends time every week painting in her studio.