Derevo Designs

Located in Saskatoon, Sean and Lindsay own Derevo Designs. Sean was introduced to woodworking in high school shop class and when he and Lindsay married in 2016, he was tasked with building a "card box" for the reception. From there, he took on a number of home renovation projects. Finding it challenging to source quality hardwood lumber, Sean built relationships with wood suppliers and began sourcing both domestic hardwoods as well as specialty woods. Sean has a huge passion for wood with character, which includes burl, figured wood, and other wood products from around the world. They buy some of the finest wood from around the worldand use it in their products. They hand pick many of the logs and burls directly from the sawyers who cut them from the forest. Some of the burl comes from as far as Australia. Each piece, whether a crib board, cutting board, or even a playing card holder is made and designed by Sean and Lindsey.

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