Jan Reinhart

From early childhood, Jan has been creative, making things that bring her joy, and forming part of who she is.

She spent many years of painting and then experimenting with stained glass. Once she took a fused glass class at the University of Saskatchewan, this has been her passion ever since.

Each piece of glass is measured and hand cut and layered in a kind of collage. It is then placed in the kiln and fired from 1250-1500 degrees to melt and fuse the glass together. Jan repeats the fusing process several times, adding more glass to create depth and the intended colours, and finally shaping the piece until the desired effect is achieved. Sometimes this takes up to four separate firings to create a piece of original glass art.

She loves the play of light on and through the glass and the vibrancy of the colours that can be achieved. Jan's love of being in nature is reflected in her artwork as she replicates in glass what she sees around her.

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