Kakwa Crafts

Kakwa is a Métis initiative founded in Calgary, Alberta in 1993 by Kathleen & Jeff Coleclough, both of whom are of Ojibwa descent. The traditional native adornment for which Kakwa has become widely known is the result of painstaking research and ancient, native craftsmanship techniques, which result in art pieces combining heritage, history & beauty. Kakwa has established an excellent reputation for quality and authenticity with all their products.

Kakwa has participated in many shows and exhibits pertaining to Native arts and heritage. Their artwork and jewelry is displayed in private collections around the world. With over 100 museums, historic sites, and educational programs using their products, Kakwa's Aboriginal Resource Kit received provincial approval for classroom use in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In addition to providing artifact replicas, Kakwa's presentations on traditional skills such as hide-tanning, stone-toolmaking, and earth pigments have been featured in museums, historic parks, and schools across Canada. Kakwa has also provided props, set decoration, costuming, and technical consulting for numerous movie and television productions.

Jeff and Colleen are currently based in Riceton, Saskatchewan.

Kakwa in Plains Cree means porcupine but in native art it stands for quality.

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