Lisa Head Harbidge

Lisa Head Harbidge is the creator of Spirit Rider Studio, a diverse working glass studio located in beautiful, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada.

A love for the creative process, lead Lisa to enroll in the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) following high school. She graduated with a major in sculpture where she was able to combine the freedom of creative process with various mediums.

While attending ACAD Lisa began working for a prominent art glass studio in Calgary. The owner was keen to be on the developing edge of new techniques for the very traditional art form, which presented new challenges. Lisa apprenticed by learning the various methods such as copper foil construction, leading, fusing, etching etc. From commissioning, designing, and construction to lighting, restoration and installation she developed a diverse working knowledge of what was involved to produce quality works that will stand the test of time.

Lisa now balances studio time with teaching glass art, producing work for galleries, private commissions, her passion for golden retrievers and a ranch.

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