Norman Stolle

Norman Stolle grew up in a small town 20 km west of Ottawa. He spent much of his time drawing landscapes and working with natural materials such as wood. While growing up his parents instilled the philosophy of learning by doing and to share with others what you have learned.

After high school and working for four years as a mechanic Norm attended Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. There he completed a Forest Technologist and Natural Science degree. He took up photography to capture the beauty of the boreal forest. In 1989 Norm began his career with Parks Canada as a Park Warden. He worked in eight different parks from Newfoundland to Alberta and came to appreciate the different cultures and people he met along his travels. In 1998 he moved with his family to the Christopher Lake area and worked in Prince Albert National Park for many years. At the same time, he became interested in horses which lead to an interest in leather work and blacksmithing.

Norm, as encourage by his parents, learned the art of fine craft making by doing. He recognises that learning is a never-ending process. A natural artist and teacher, Norm shares what he has learned with others interested in leathercrafts and blacksmithing.

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