The Pigeon Coop

Max Pigeon started the Pigeon Coop in 2017 as an outlet for the creative side of his personality. From a young age, he always enjoyed drawing, creating art and making things. Once he discovered cross stitch, he knew it was the right medium for him and he get to design AND make beautiful things!

He was born in beautiful Québec, Canada and has had a deep love and admiration for nature since his childhood. His passion for animals led him to study wildlife biology and pursue a career as a zookeeper and animal trainer. After a few years, he redirected his path into education and taught elementary grades for a decade before becoming a full-time entrepreneur at the Pigeon Coop!

When designing patterns, he is inspired by the beauty that North America's nature and landmarks have to offer. He strives to create modern cross stitch designs that are appealing to stitchers and makers of all skill levels.

He is also a strong believer in creating sustainable products and aims to make my kits as eco-friendly as they can be. We all have a role to play in helping protect the uncertain future of our planet and, as a product-based business owner, he doesn't take this responsibility lightly.

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