Andrea Moroz

Born and raised in Cochrane, Alberta, Andrea graduated from Architecture at the University of Manitoba developing a career in Project Management and construction. Though this cultivated the left side of her brain, she yearned for more creativity from the right side.
In her early twenties, Andrea became an avid world traveller gaining cultural inspiration from over 35 countries visited to date. From sipping tea in Turkey, wandering the peaks of Machu Picchu, to four-by- four adventures through the Serengeti, these experiences are where she discovered her true passion is derived from. This is what became the subject matter for an artistic dream; decrepit buildings, phenomenal mountain landscapes, and most prominently, wildlife.
Andrea began to build on travel experiences initially through sketching and photography, and later painting. The questions she asked herself was; "how could I compose an image to make it unique and compelling? How can I play with light and shadow to create awe and interest? How do I evoke emotion through perspective?"
"My work is derived from a personal challenge to bring to life each piece I create through realism techniques but usually with a fun twist. This has developed my style into fine detailed brush strokes, finger smudging shading, pops of colour, a zoomed in perspective, and emphasis on light and contrast in order to captivate my audience."
"Personally, I love art as big, bold, statement pieces because they carry such impact when you walk into a room. Often though I hear people say they don't understand art and therefore feel intimidated by it. My response to that is anything can be art providing there is intention behind it. I believe art should always be inclusive and ultimately the best art is the art you enjoy most! xo Andie"

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